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Stone-Baked Italian Pizza Offering (up to 50 ppl)

Exquisite Italian stone-baked pizza bursting with flavour sourced from Italy served with love from our centrepiece vintage horsebox.

We design a bespoke menu based on the personal preference of the celebrant and model the conversation around a fun and engaging menu.
Allergens always cited
Vegan & Vegetarian options available but we can't accommodate celiacs unfortunately with this pizza offering

There are several optional extras:
We can add a signature drink on arrival for all guests

We have the option of a 'build your own pizza' experience as the centre-piece and talking point for your event. This goes down a treat if you want to have a shorter serving window but create an impact over the whole event.

There is also the option of canapé's, cheese boards, cocktail service, salads and plenty more besides, all can be discussed during the consultation process.

If your requirements are beyond the basic offering. please click the 'connect with us' button on the homepage and let's chat

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